Contact Lens Exams

Contact lenses fitting and evaluations is not a simple procedure. This requires extensive skill and expertise from the optometric staff to ensure that client is satisfied with the fitting and lens product used to correct their vision. Contact lens (or simply contacts) are used for similar purposes as eye glasses – to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and focal problems (presbyopia).

Eyedeology Optometry is your complete resource when it comes to contact lenses. Our staff deliver services in all aspects including comprehensive contact lens exams, contact lenses evaluations, selection of type of contacts, handling and usage instructions (for first-time users of contact lenses), and follow-up care, wherever required.

Eyedeology provides comprehensive eye testing and consultation for affordable contact lens fitting at very fitting fee. Skilled and experienced optometrists at our full-scale optometric center, based out of Mission Viejo, will deliver you an unrushed one-on-one service the moment you walk in for a fitting session. Our team will give you all the options based on your visual needs after contact lenses exams. From thereon, you can select from our wide range of product offerings featuring many types, brands and colors. We have got you covered with all types of contact lenses including, but not limited to, the following:

There are multiple external reasons as well as biological or anatomical causes for dry eye syndrome. A big percentage of dry eye cases do have something to do with Meibomian glands, which is located along the edge of the eye lids, adjacent to the eyelashes. These glands produce an oily layer that helps in retaining tears produced by other glands to stay longer and not dry off quickly. This helps in providing the eye with adequate moisture, naturally. Other causes may include:

  • Decreased production of tears
  • Production of ineffective tears
  • Infections or other allergies
  • Eyelid problem

At Eyedeology, our experts provide numerous different dry eye solutions through comprehensive consultation with patients and the idea is to work out a personalized treatment plan for each individual, keeping in mind the diagnosis and daily environment of the person who is being treated.

OTC solutions like artificial tears, eye drops and eye ointments help manage the condition by providing the required moisture. Similarly, the specialists at Eyedeology may prescribe different medication like antibiotics. We may employ a combination of the above solutions and/or minor procedures like unblocking your tear ducts. Tear duct plugs (also known as punctual plugs or lacrimal plugs) may also be used to close tear ducts in order to retain tears longer so they don’t overflow and provide increased lubrication.