Eye Exams

Eyedeology has full-range of eye exams and testing solutions to offer clients at our location in Mission Viejo. We provide comprehensive eye examinations, all performed with state-of-the-art technology, for collection of prescription data and detection of any eye-related problems or diseases. All these eye examinations and check-ups are conducted by top professionals at Eyedeology, who are very caring and skilled at their jobs. During your visit for eye examinations, you will never feel rushed as our focus is always on our patients or clients, and we want you to be comfortable throughout the testing process. Additionally, our eye exams are priced fairly when compared with rest of optometrist market. The eye exams are cheap, yet, you can be rest assured that our staff is one of the best out there when it comes to gathering your prescription data or complete visual profile.

With the advanced refraction system, Clarifye, we can perform an accurate digital eye exam to provide you with the correct prescription for your visual needs. Testing with Clarifye is very quick and efficient, giving our optometrists a very thorough picture of your general eye health.

The digital exam performed with Clarifye can be used on the client to collect a variety of information about you eye health and current state of all parts of your eyes. The uses of this machine can be broadly divided into 3 categories:

  • Prescription measurement for lens for glasses or contacts
  • Overall eye health with your detailed visual assessment (‘like a fingerprint of your eye’)
  • Retinal scan to help optometrists detect any health problems with your eye(s)

Although a majority of our clients, who come to visit us for an exam, come mostly for prescription purposes for eye glasses or contact, there are many other reasons where our testing can help you and our optometrists better understand the overall picture of your eye. As stated earlier, we conduct in-depth eye examinations to diagnose and eliminate factors that may prove to be harmful to your eye health in future.